At AESA, we take pride in fostering a close and supportive community between students, teachers, and parents. Your positive feedback about your experiences with us is greatly appreciated and reinforces our commitment to excellence. We invite you to read some heartfelt testimonials from our community, showcasing the strong bonds we build together.

“My time at AESA is truly something to cherish. I spent my first two years of high school at the European International School of Barcelona under the AESA Prep International program, then my last two years of high school at AESA Prep Academy of Barcelona.

Throughout the years, I was able to learn valuable skills like time management that are helping me out a lot now since I am in university.

Whether you are part of AESA Prep International or AESA Prep Academy of Barcelona, the teachers always make you feel at home. For that reason, it was easy for me to decide to spend the entirety of my high school years with AESA, and I’m incredibly grateful that they took care of me, the entire time.”

Lucas Singletary, AESA Alumnus

Lucas Singletary

Simone Cultrera is an AESA alumnus. In his senior year, he was part of the Italian national team for water polo and was actively recruited by Princeton University and Stanford University. Here is a testimonial from Roberta, his mother:

“I want to thank you all, Kyle, Chloè, Beatriz, Joana, all the teachers, and all the people Simone met at school. You all were fantastic, and I couldn’t have wished for anything better for my son.

Thank you for everything. For how much you taught him, for how much he learned, for how you made him grow, and for how he became.

It was a challenging but very fruitful experience, Simone grew up and grew up well. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Roberta Cultrera, Mother of AESA Alumnus 

Roberta Cultrera