Mission / Vision


AESA Prep Academy of Barcelona is an American school in Barcelona, serving scholars, athletes and artists from grades 8 to 12. Our high quality academic program prepares students for success at university.

We offer students flexible scheduling so they may continue pursuing their passions, while also cultivating a global perspective through meaningful interaction with their peers at our multicultural campus. We accomplish this by maintaining small classes so we can provide individualized attention and personal support.


Our vision is to continue to be recognized as a center of academic excellence in the Barcelona area for scholars, athletes and artists. We will foster an international community that inspires students to cultivate a global perspective and to respect each other’s diverse backgrounds.

Our graduates will be ready for the challenge of university studies anywhere in the world. Furthermore, they will be prepared to build their professional careers in an international setting, having honed the cross-cultural communication skills required for success on diverse teams in the modern world.